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Lucia Figueroa

Hello, very good translation! Small tweak: "yo se que ayer fuiste hermosa" => "I know yesterday you were beautiful".
Although very different, this song makes me think about part of the lyrics of "mano a mano" too, a woman who will lose all her charms after she ages. They were very sincere with women those days.

Tango Decoder

Hi, Lucia--

Thanks for your kind words and your constructive criticism. You are quite right, both Raúl Berón, Alberto Castillo, and Argentino Ledesma all sang, "yo se que ayer fuiste hermosa"! The text I used came from todotango.com and hermanotango.com, which both agree on, "que linda estaba entonces." My guess is that those two sites took the lyrics directly from the sheet music; that seems to be their source. Anyway, since my translation claims to be based on the Castillo version (!) I guess I'd better change it to match the Castillo version. Thanks so much for your help!

Tango Decoder

PS: Yes, I see the similarity to Mano a Mano, especially "descolado mueble viejo." Ouch!

Tango Decoder

Fixed the lyrics! Just reading them, I get all choked up. :)

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