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Dmitry Pruss (aka MOCKBA)

"She used to have the elegance of being the owner of her own heart" ~~ but suddenly she's no longer in control!

"She didn't know loves, nor bitter breakups" (Sinsabor is roughly falling out of love; Donato has a tango titled Sinsabor, about the bitter end of love)

BTW it looks like comments has become functional :)

Tango Decoder

Good suggestions, Dmitry! Will incorporate them. You're the best!

Dmitry Pruss (aka MOCKBA)

Thanks man! You know that I'm partial to El Rey del Fox, and translated several of his "tangofoxes" too :)

BTW the letras transcribe it with minor errors AFAICT. Listen at 1:12 ... El Chato sings, "estudió la fisicografía" (which naturally rhymes with "armonía
") ~~ "studied physical geography", and which should most clearly be fisiografía (only elision would normally have made the vowels "io" a monosyllabic diphthong and broken the meter, so one stray consonant crept in).

Dmitry Pruss

Still listening, fun track and good memories :)
I don't think it's "siempre tuvo galas" either, sounds like "siempre tuvo ganas" to my ear. She always *wanted* to be in control of her heart.
People put far less effort into transcribing foxes than tangos, I'm afraid.

Tango Decoder

Excellent, Dmitry, your ears are as good as your mind! I agree, on the recording it does sound more like "ganas." And "fisiografia," most definitely. Thanks again and regards to your lovely wife--la tanguera fantastica!

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