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Lucia Figueroa

This is a picture to understand the reference to "Marcando una candombeada fue luciendo medias lunas"



Tell us what we are looking at, Lucia. Who painted this? When? What does it represent? How do you interpret it?

Lucia Figueroa

Yes, this was a random image to show the medialunas (half moons) in the comparsas. Here in Uruguay a comparsa is a group of people who play and dance candombe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candombe).
This is a picture taken on the annual carnival parade on februaray ("Las llamadas"): http://www.elacontecer.com.uy/imagenes_noticia/10747_Urafrica%20trinidad.JPG

There are many characters in a comparsa, among these characters we have the people who carry the stars and half moons, elements who remember the respect the African people had for these symbols.

As you might now, candombe, tango and milonga have a common root and they have evolved on their own ways to become the musical representants from el Rio de la Plata.
Nowadays candombe is everywhere in Uruguay, while tango is not that popular. In Argentina is just the opposite.

Returning to the song, candombe is a extremely catchy rhythm, and a party is thrown instantly every time a group of drums start playing to it, so I understand this reference in a song related to a guy who jumps from party to party :)

Note apart, if you come to Uruguay in february you must assist to the comparsas' parade of "Las llamadas"!

Michael Lavocah

Hi Michael, Cadícamo's lyric may date fro 1930, but there is an earlier one from 1914 or possibly even 1913 - about which I know next to nothing. Apparently the original sheet music calls it a "tango parisien":

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